Middle Eastern Restaurant & Deli


New Deli Corner is an authentic Middle Eastern Restaurant and Deli located in Allentown, PA. We are family-owned and operated with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We use only the highest quality ingredients and prepare our food fresh in-house. Our head chef, Hilaneh, has been making amazing authentic Syrian food for decades, and now you get to enjoy that same homemade Middle Eastern taste. We also provide fresh American deli food, such as hot and cold subs, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and more.

Deli Menu

Additional Meat (Bacon/Sausage/Ham) or Cheese: $1.00 each


  • Egg on toast $2.99
  • Egg on toast with cheese $3.50
  • Egg on bagel $3.50
  • Egg on bagel with cheese $3.99
  • Hash Browns $1.50
  • Pancakes $2.99
  • Egg on roll with cheese $4.50
  • Egg on croissant $3.99
  • Egg on croissant with cheese $4.75
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich - S $1.50
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich - L $2.99
  • Cheese omelette with home fries $5.50

    Additional meat for $1 each

Cold subs

Hot subs

Burgers & hot dogs

Additional Meat or Cheese: $1.00 each

Sides & salads


  • Large plain pizza - 16" $9.99
  • Additional pizza toppings $1.50 each


Due to the Coronavirus we will be closed starting Saturday March 14th. We will reopen as soon as it’s safe to do so. We will update our status as soon as we are open again. Thank you and be safe.

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